I just came across this compilation of Helen Hill films from NOLA’s 2010 Timecode festival. The reel includes Madame Winger Makes a Film: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century (around 3:50), as well as a handful of other shorts from the Harvard collection of Helen Hill’s work.  I have written about Hill elsewhere and am happy to see some of her films circulating online.  Madame Winger is one of my favorite Hill shorts; it encapsulates so much of her (playful, instructive, extraordinary) practice.


Cleveland Street Gap (Courtney Egan and Helen Hill, 2006)

Still thinking about histories of film and the environment.  How would one tell this history? What filmmakers are working at this site of intersection?  Helen Hill’s work seems like an interesting starting point.  The film embedded above includes footage that Hill shot before Hurricane Katrina, marked by the flood waters that filled her home. Continue reading