I am organizing a workshop for SCMS 2013.  If you teach early cinema, please consider submitting a proposal:

This workshop invites teachers of early cinema to discuss their approaches to developing and teaching courses in the field.  In addition, it aims to open up a conversation about the ways in which new media, interactive resources, and virtual archives are transforming early film pedagogy.  This workshop seeks SCMS members from a diverse range of institutions, at any point in their teaching careers.

Questions addressed by participants might include:

How do you teach early cinema?  How do you organize or approach this material?

What are the challenges of teaching early cinema?  And how do you address these challenges in the classroom?

What resources (films, textbooks, archives) do you use?  How have digital resources supplemented or changed your approach?

Participants in the workshop might share their design for an entire course, their development of a particular assignment, or their reflections on the shifting terrain of early cinema pedagogy.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please send a 200-300 word overview of what you would like to contribute, along with a brief biography, to by July 15, 2012.


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