A trailer for a (not-yet-made) film with 3571 producers from Riot Cinema Collective.

I have a vague sketch for a film production course entitled “Cinema on a Shoestring.”  It would be an “obstacles” approach to practice.  First assignment: make a trailer for a film that you have not made/written.  How do you make the not-yet-made a creative asset, rather than a gaping absence?  Second assignment: make your film with one shot and no post-production.

At the moment, I use the Riot Cinema Collective (a group of young Spanish filmmakers and thousands of virtual supporters) in my Intro to Film course as a way of demonstrating new (global) modes/models of production and distribution.  The RCC posted this teaser trailer online and invited their community to remix and remake. There are now hundreds of trailers in dozens of languages for a film that does not (and may never) exist.

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